Cobb and Ariadne Dream Construction: Lesson 2

Daily Create #1544

After their first dream building lesson went a little awry, Cobb realized the learning environment should be a little simpler to navigate than the busy streets of Paris. So his choice of setting for lesson 2 was Monument Valley in Arizona.

As you can see from the picture, they have a little less extraneous cognitive load as Ariadne learns to construct in this peaceful learning environment. Way to be flexible in your learning design, Cobb!

Featured Image modified from public domain image found in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive



Flagship Product From ACME’s New Interdisciplinary Line

Daily Create #1543 Design a New ACME Product.

Designer Rob Loukotka created a poster of every product Wile E. Coyote ever bought from them. This got back to the honchos at ACME, who haven’t sold a thing since 1994, and inspired them to begin developing new products again.

“We hadn’t ever seen all of our products on one page before. It made us realize that we could take some of our surplus just lying around, put them together to make new products!” Said CEO Larry Akammee the 3rd, probably. Hence the creation of the new Interdisciplinary Line of ACME products.

Pictured above is the flagship product from the new line: The Year-Round Dogsled Road Runner Chaser. Dogs were always more motivated to catch the Roadrunner than any inanimate object, so they were always a great choice for the chase. However, it’s not always winter everywhere. It’s often not winter at all and the sled just doesn’t slide nicely on dirt, sand and asphalt. No problem anymore as ACME has attached a snow making machine to the back of the sled. Other features include: it all being held together by cactus and magnets and of course a dozen live sticks of dynamite in the front of the sled.

The catalog image above was just blatantly and poorly cut and pasted from Loukotka’s poster. Visit his page view all of the images that have inspired the ACME Corporation to start up operations again. Well done, Rob!

Horrifying Plan Paid with Cash

Who can resist an opportunity to point out the Deer in The Headlights state many of us are in when it comes to the Trump Presidential Show? This mashup assignment allowed me to do just that: pick one line from two movies (cheated a bit with one being  a TV show) and string them together to make a new thing. Also, since I am the first to submit to this particular assignment, my submission is technically the best one ever (other than the original example).

The scary thing is that the joker is looking sane and sensical and Trump is looking confident and unstoppable.

A Trip to The Indie Ed-Tech Summit

Daily Create #1541  A couple of weekends ago, a pretty important event in Ed hyphen Tech occurred at Davidson College: The Indie Ed-Tech Summit. It seemed to be the right people at the right time to really get some momentum going towards putting the Indie in Ed-Tech. I wish I could have been there to learn from some of the most exciting thinkers and doers in ed-tech. However, because they are all wonderful bloggers, I got a lot out of the weekend without even being there. Keep on bloggin’ in the open world! Below are links to key blog posts about the event if you want to get caught up on it. The one new thing I can contribute here today, however, is found footage from the event. This GIF captures the moment during Kin Lane’s API Workshop that everybody’s mind clicked. The AHA moment that everybody experienced together.triptothesummit

All of these are excellent write-ups on goings-on at the Summit: Adam CroomJim GroomAudrey WattersAlan LevineKin Lane’s API Workshop. Sorry if I missed some other posts!

Head to the Right of The Screen to Get to Work

Daily Create 1537 Create some bike art in advance of Bike to Work Day. A GIF counts as art, no? Every day can be bike to work day.  I filmed my entire bike commute today. Of course the snow has returned. Just a light dusting.5secondcommute

My one mitt-less hand got a little cold holding the phone.  What I found out was, if I can get fit enough to ride 32X faster, I could get to work in about 5 seconds. 3 seconds home because it’s downhill. I’d like to thank the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5, my cold right hand, Movie Maker, Giphy, and WordPress for making this all possible.

Origin Story: The Tapioca/Mineshaft Connection

The aphorism ‘Never throw tapioca down a mine shaft’ is only weird if you don’t know its origin story. So let’s unweird it right now.

Here’s what happened: Gordon Flaherty was down his mine shaft at the Wounded Moose Gold Mine, which is currently for sale, back in August 1896: The Yukon Gold Rush. It was light out 24 hours a day and nobody knew how to handle it. Gordon was on a roll and had been down there for 36 straight hours. He was getting a little delirious. Meanwhile, his wife, Geraldine, was sick and tired of waiting for him to come up and eat the tapioca she had made 35 hours ago. She made the best tapioca north of the 60th Parallel. It was long since cooling down, it was starting to spoil. Much like Gordon’s mind down there in the shaft.

Geraldine heard Gordon holler something so she walked over to the shaft opening and hollered back “Pardon? I din’t hear ya!” Gordon hollered again: “Don’t throw down the tapioca!” With the little bit of sanity Gordon had left, he realized Geraldine might be angry at how long he’d been down there and that she might just want to send that tapioca down the shaft right into his face. Gordon also realized that the combination of his burning oil lantern, the mine’s natural sulfuric fumes, and the sulfuric-like smells coming from his armpits, mouth and especially his behind, the air was a little bit unstable already. Add in some spoiled tapioca travelling at 9.81 m/s, it might just result in something of a spectacular chemical event.

However, when Gordon yelled “Don’t throw down the tapioca” what Geraldine heard was “Throw down the tapioca” so she did. It is still to this day noted as the largest explosion in the Yukon’s history and is why you need a license to own tapioca in any of the Canadian Territories. You can pick one up in Whitehorse as long as you can prove a basic standard of personal hygiene. So there you have it. The Great Tapioca Explosion of 1896. #tdc1531

No Coffee :(

Daily Create #1530: Create a GIF from classic silent film The Great Train Robbery from 1903. Directed by Michael Bay I think. First step for me, I don’t know about you, was to watch it. My overall impression was that people back then were way too loosey goosey in their movements. Like they had longer ligaments and were all just kind of held together in a less specific way than we are these days. You know what I mean?? Me neither.

Then it hit me: they probably were not as culturally committed to the ultracaffeination of their bodies as we are now in the future. I couldn’t see a single Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s in the background of the film. Those poor things. Then that thinking got me thinking that I hadn’t had my third cup of coffee yet so I was inspired to use a clip from the film to show how that made me feel. And voila! the gif below was created using giphy (which was awesomely easy and luckily so because I had only 2 cups of coffee in me). Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta make a run to the Horton’s.


Weekly Round Up, Now in Monthly (or more!) Form

lookitoverSo like, I last did my weekly roundup, for week 3, in week 4. Now it is week 75 or something like that. I am a true open participant. I love it. But it is now this time of year and it’s hard to do stuff.

Also, the path I am taking through this course has changed. I realized I needed to dig in to the bigger picture before doing what I thought I would be doing at the outset. Which is to do stuff in the assignment banks and learn technology thingies and be able to do all kinds of crazy GIFing and photoshopping super cool propaganda posters etc. I love that stuff, I want to learn it, I want to to do it. But I know the assignment banks are there and the tutorials and all the stuff so I can get to it when I get to it. Just not necessarily on the same wagon train with this Western106 crowd.

The big ideas beckon. So right now I am following the blog path back in time and future in time and left and right in time through all of these people I newly admire and want to learn from: Alan Levine, Jim Groom, Audrey Waters, Garder Campbell and all the places reading their stuff leads to. It’s a rabbit hole and I need to get my bearings because I think these open ideas are going to be pretty foundational for me. Thanks for sharing your thinkings and doings!

Although I will of course continue to daily create all over the place that is too much fun. I am looking forward to getting focus back on getting good at audio and video and giffing, but right now for me openness and community are bigger fish to fry, bigger pieces of the puzzle, bigger puzzles to fish and fisher catches to big.

I guess what I’m saying is that y’all are right, #DS106 is #4Life yo!