A Trip to The Indie Ed-Tech Summit

Daily Create #1541  A couple of weekends ago, a pretty important event in Ed hyphen Tech occurred at Davidson College: The Indie Ed-Tech Summit. It seemed to be the right people at the right time to really get some momentum going towards putting the Indie in Ed-Tech. I wish I could have been there to learn from some of the most exciting thinkers and doers in ed-tech. However, because they are all wonderful bloggers, I got a lot out of the weekend without even being there. Keep on bloggin’ in the open world! Below are links to key blog posts about the event if you want to get caught up on it. The one new thing I can contribute here today, however, is found footage from the event. This GIF captures the moment during Kin Lane’s API Workshop that everybody’s mind clicked. The AHA moment that everybody experienced together.triptothesummit

All of these are excellent write-ups on goings-on at the Summit: Adam CroomJim GroomAudrey WattersAlan LevineKin Lane’s API Workshop. Sorry if I missed some other posts!

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