Try to Make Me Sing?

Ha ha ha NO WAY! Not unless you send me some ds106 socks. Daily Create #1591 wants to get me to sing about a place I’ve never been. But holy moly that Vancouver song is something else. It’s timeless really. If anything could inspire me to sing, it’s that. But nope! Didn’t work! I know I’m totally going against my ‘It sounds crazy, but I’ll do it?’ credo but there is a limit. And that limit is my singing voice.

So I came up with a work around. will spew out your text in audio and you can choose different characters and speeds. I chose U.S. Ray at Speed -2 to spoken word my Ode To Delaware. Here it is in all it’s Mediocrity: (lyrics below, too)

Never been to Delaware, What’s in Delaware?
Do people say Delawhere are you? in Delaware?
Delaware is Delawhere? Over Delathere?
Can I get my Delahair done in Delaware?
Is there a Delachair?




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