The Ocean at The End Of Our Backyard

Daily Create #1710

The ocean at the end of our backyard was actually the tallest mountain in the world. At least it was the tallest mountain in the world back in the 80s. At least in the mind of a 4 year old, large-headed, silly child named me. Okay it was only the tallest mountain in my backyard. Okay it’s actually really the littlest mountain in the whole area. But still… a mountain in your backyard is not a bad thing to have.

Looking back into the forest in the image provided there is actually a little valley there before the mountain starts going up again, like mountains are supposed to… As you can tell, this is a silly little mountain. That valley would flood in the springtime. Or at least it did once. I’m pretty sure when it did I floated around on an ice floe in it for a week or two. That probably didn’t really happen. I’m starting to think I may have been Caillou when I was 4. This is bad. See you later.

image screenshootered from google streetview. Source/Citation format made up on the spot.

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